Wednesday, May 8, 2013

X-Com on MacOS X

So you'd like to be able the 1994 classic, X-Com: UFO Defense? But you don't own a copy of DOS or even a PC any more? Here's what you need to know:

  1. DOSBox
    1. Obtain the DOSBox emulator and install onto your Mac
    2. Configure DOSBox
      1. Copy the XCom_Better.conf file from here to your ~/xcom directory
      2. Modify that file as follows:
        1. Change [sdl] settings
          1. fullresolution=original
          2. windowresolution=original
        2. Change [dosbox] setting to enable higher resolution
          1. machine=svga_s3
        3. Optional - change fullscreen setting (if you'd prefer to start in a window vs. fullscreen)
  2. XCom
    1. Dig your old DOS version of XCom out of your closet.
    2. Copy all of the files from the XCom disks to a directory (e.g. ~/xcom)
    3. Installation of XCom
      1. Run DOSBox
        1. Open the Terminal application in MacOS X and execute the following command
          1. open -a DOSBox --args -conf ~/xcom/XCom_Better.conf
      2. Install XCom using the Microprose default directories
        1. Once you're successfully running DosBox execute the following commands 
          1. mount C ~/xcom
          2. mount A ~/xcom
          3. c:
          4. install.bat
    4. Run and play!
      1. cd to /mps/ufo and then run ufo.bat
      2. Note: You can also modify your .conf file to do this automatically
    5. Note: If you'd like to run in full screen mode DOSBox enables you to switch back and forth via the Alt+Enter keystroke combo
  3. Enjoy!

  • This assumes you're using something akin to a 2011 MacBook Pro
  • This also assumes you are running the DOS version of the game. 

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